America: The Land of Doctors in Their Wrong Mind

The hallmark of American pediatric healthcare is the childhood vaccination policy.   It is a portion of healthcare that is promoted by the government and enforced by the educational system.  Parents are rarely even knowledgeable about the fact that in almost every state, whether to vaccinate is their own choice.   We give up to three times the vaccines as other first world countries and there has never been more controversy and scandal surrounding another topic in medicine.

Of the hundreds of potentially dangerous vaccine additives, thimerosal has been targeted as a main concern by doctors, researchers and many organizations.  Thimerosal was developed by Eli Lilly in 1929.  Thimerosal is a form of ethylmercury, and is 50% mercury by weight.  Mercury is almost the deadliest element on earth, second only to plutonium.  Nervous system and brain damage are both proven effects of mercury exposure whether the toxin is inhaled, eaten or even placed on the skin. Starting in the 1990s, infants were being given multiple doses of mercury-laced vaccines.  During this decade, babies were injected with mercury levels that exceeded the federal safety levels for dietary mercury by 87 times.  By 1999, the government had asked pharmaceutical companies to remove all thimerosal from vaccines.  However, there is plentiful evidence that the CDC was working against the government recommendation.  In 2010, even though many parents are misled and believe vaccines are mercury-free, the thimerosal disaster continues.  Many vaccines contain “trace” amounts of thimerosal.  When a child receives numerous vaccines in a single day, trace + trace + trace still equals a toxic exposure.  And unless special ordered, flu vaccines still contain up to 25 micrograms of this dangerous additive.

A common rebuttal given by medical and health officials to defend injecting thimerosal is the fact that children can eat mercury-containing fish and not suffer brain damage.  Let’s explore this argument used to confuse the real issue at hand.  What American parents should know is that eating tuna that contains mercury is totally different that injecting a vaccine with mercury.

A first important factor is that the mercury we ingest when eating fish is methylmercury.  The mercury that we inject with vaccines is ethylmercury.  Research used to ease parental concern showed that ethylmercury is rather rapidly eliminated from the bloodstream. Many parents relied on this fact when accepting vaccines.  What would horrify these same parents is the knowledge that although thimerosal does indeed leave the bloodstream, it deposits in the worst place possible:  the brain and other organs.  This effect has been shown in research time and again, but even our own National Institutes of Health funded a study in 2005 that spells the result of ethylmercury exposure.  The findings are that ethylmercury is more toxic than methylmercury because it crosses the blood-brain barrier quicker and converts to inorganic mercury.  This inorganic mercury is most difficult to excrete and stays in the brain longer and in higher levels.    

Of a greater concern is that vaccines are injected, not ingested.  The gastrointestinal tract is equipped to eliminate heavy metals from foods we eat.  When you inject into the bloodstream the body has no defense.  Every organ and tissue is left vulnerable.  Another area of concern is that all safety levels ever established are based on ingesting the toxin. Comparing injecting to ingesting and comparing ethylmercury to methylmercury is even more ridiculous than comparing apples to oranges.   We literally have no research to substantiate the safety of this practice.  Conversely there are hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled children who have been raised with the childhood vaccine policy. 

As a side note, thimerosal has been banned in Russia, Denmark, Austria, Japan, Great Britain and all the Scandinavian countries. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a policy on mercury exposure: “Mercury in all its forms is toxic to the fetus and children, and efforts should be made to reduce exposure to the extent possible to pregnant women and children as well as the general population.”

We are injecting babies, toddlers, pregnant women and the elderly with high levels of thimerosal to attempt to avoid the yearly flu.  The question I am left with is “What doctor in his right mind would inject thimerosal into a human being?”


  1. I firmly believe that childhood immunizations lead to autism. I have raised four children who were never immunized. They missed no school due to illness, because they did not get anything worse than the occaisional cold. Because I believe that prevention is the best cure, I have never taken a flu shot and I have not caught the flu in over three decades. By being adjusted regularly by your chiropractor and washing your hands you will keep your immune system in optimal working order and be far less likely to acquire infections.

  2. Vincent Corcoran DC

    You are full of sh%$! You know nothing about this. You scare people needlessly about things you know nothing of. I am a DC also. Autism is genetically transmitted. Thimerisol is not in the vaccine anymore and autism flourishes. Scare people with something else. You and others like you besmirch the good we chiropractors do with the public we treat quite well. You will be the death of our profession!

  3. Dear Vincent, I won’t even waste my time giving you a direct link – please take 5 minutes and do the research to prove yourself wrong. All flu vaccine manufacturer’s inserts are available online. Or, when you are at your doctor’s to get your flu vaccine, you can ask him to show you the insert. Then, simply look for the work “thimerosal”. This is not rocket science and it is not hidden. Unless specially ordered “thimerosal-free”, flu vaccines have the dangerous form of ethylmercury I speak of. Now it doesn’t bother me that you are ignorant on this issue, or that you even publicly disagree. But what is atrocious is, God forbid you are considered a leader in your community and unknowing patients and parents take your word! Thank you for so eloquently illustrating the exact type of doctor I had in mind when I wrote this article.

  4. Bobi Beth

    Wow Dr. Vincent…You really need to look into what you are putting into people! If you really do work in the healthcare profession like you say, you should know what you are injecting into people; it is your responsibility!

  5. Thanks for a great article and the stand you take against vaccines. It is not the mainstream, popular way of doing things, and you probably get a lot of hate mail, but there are thousands of us that hear loud and clear and appreciate your thorough well-educated articles and comments! Keep up the good work!
    By the way, I heard you speak the other day at the CDC Vaccine Practices Meeting. How RUDE that they tried to shut you out!!! You did a FANTASTIC job speaking! I love your well-put-together research approach!

  6. Dr.? Vincent,
    Autism is so mean, so disabling, so heartbreaking. My family deals with it alot these days. 20 years ago we never heard of it. We have the same genes.
    It is heartbreaking to me that medical people will not and don’t have to account for this terrible damage being done to our innocents.
    I applaud Dr. Tocco’s work!

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