Dr. Renee Tocco

Dr. Renee HunterDr. Renee Tocco Hunter is the founder of Hope For Autism.  Her career has been greatly influenced by her father, Dr. Sam Tocco, a successful chiropractor in Michigan and her mother, Mary Tocco, a renowned independent vaccine researcher and public speaker.  She started her distinguished career at Sherman College where she earned her doctorate degree.  After attending the Autism Research Institute’s “Defeat Autism Now” conference, Dr. Tocco felt compelled to focus her career on autism and other chronic childhood illnesses.  In 2008, she founded the American Chiropractic Autism Board and Hope For Autism.  She is a national public speaker, trainer and consultant on methods to help children and adults recover from chronic illness.  In 2010, she released an educational DVD for families, “The Explosion of Childhood Illness Explained”.  She is also the Hope For Autism Conference coordinator.  Click HERE to visit Dr. Tocco’s blog, dedicated to information and advice for families about prevention and recovery from chronic illness.

She now practices in Goose Creek, SC with her husband, Dr. Matthew Hunter at their clinic, Real Health.