Amalgam Fillings

Silver fillings have been used in dentistry for the last 100 years.  Over the decades, millions of Americans who have received silver dental fillings.  What your dentist probably did not mention is that mercury comprises about 50 percent of every amalgam dental filling.  For years and years the American Dental Association has been defending it’s support of mercury-based fillings.  Just recently, recommendations were altered to discourage the placement of amalgam fillings for children and pregnant woman.

Vapors from amalgams are released on a continuous basis, and even more when a person chews gum, drinks hot liquids and brushes his  teeth.  Studies show that silver fillings lead to mercury vapor concentration 10 times higher than normal exposure.  Then the mercury enters the bloodstream and is delivered to all parts of the body, including the brain.

It is alarming that 95 percent of people with disorders of the central nervous system such as Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy, paralysis and migraines also have silver dental fillings.  This begs the question, would you want mercury, one of the most powerful neurotoxins on the planet, embedded in your mouth, only inches from your brain? The answer is obvious.

A study in Canada has shown that pregnant sheep with new silver amalgams have elevated levels of mercury in their fetuses within two weeks of placement of the fillings. Further studies on monkeys showed the same findings. Reports from the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe confirm many adverse effects of amalgams. On February 18, 1994, mercury fillings were banned in Sweden for children and youth 19 years of age because evidence showed them to be a trigger of autoimmune disorder.

At this time, there are many safe, alternate materials to use for dental fillings.  If you have already have amalgam fillings you should consider having them replaced with a non-toxic material.  While any dentist can remove your silver fillings, it is extremely important to use a dentist who can replace them safely.  Without proper precautions, the filling-removal process can release very high levels of mercury and be more dangerous than keeping the fillings.  In addition, realize that even with a highly qualified dentist, you will likely be exposed to some mercury during the procedure.  The best recommendation is to prepare by optimizing your health and nutrient levels before the removal.   Click HERE to search for a MERCURY-FREE DENTIST