Mary Tocco

Mary is the passionate voice of thousands of parents across the country who are concerned about the safety of vaccines. She has been in the natural health care field for over 30 years and has spent the majority of her time focusing on research validating the dangers of vaccines. Mary is an international speaker and educator, empowering people to make informed vaccine decisions. She currently hosts “Healing Our World” radio on Republic Broadcasting Network every Saturday 3:00-5:00 (EST). This cutting-edge  programs features interviews with  health experts who bring solid solutions for natural healing.

Mary is  self educated and some refer to her as the Erin Brokovich of the vaccine industry! She encourages parents to be proactive in making health choices for their family, utilizing a vitalistic natural approach. Mary had four of her five children born at home with mid-wives, promotes breast feeding, chiropractic care, organic foods, and an active healthy lifestyle.  She is also a supporter of  home education (4 of her 5 were home educated) and is a Christian. She is the frequent guest on radio programs, webinars and at conferences internationally.

· 1994-2011 – International recognized as a vaccine expert and public speaker. Mary’s lectures qualify for continuing education credits and are evidence based and fully referenced.

· 2011- Radio host of “Healing Our World”, Republic Broadcasting Network every Saturday 3:00-5:00PM (EST)

· 2008 to present- Co-founder and currently on the board of the American Chiropractic Autism Board (ACAB).  She also plays an active role in the Hope For Autism  program,  BioNutritional Training for Chiropractors, which focuses on recovery of autism and other chronic illnesses utilizing natural methods. Dr. Renee Tocco (Mary’s daughter) is a Defeat Autism NOW! practitioner and the president of ACAB and Hope For Autism.

· 2006- 2009-Co owner of Vitality Health of Charleston with her daughter, Dr. Renee Tocco.

· 2006- Produced educational vaccine DVD called, “Are Vaccines Safe?” that has been viewed by over 200,000 people.

· 2005 – Board member of the World Association of Vaccine Information (W.A.V.E.) a scientific website dedicated to honest vaccine information.

· 2003- Launched website,

· 1994 to present- Director of Vaccine Research and Education for Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines, a watch-dog group responsible for maintaining the philosophical exemption in Michigan.

· 1994- Testified before the Michigan Health Board against a bill that would remove the philosophical exemption in Michigan. The bill was defeated.

· 1980 to present- Attended numerous Chiropractic seminars as well as Vaccine and Autism conferences around the country. Began to intensely investigate childhood vaccines over 30 years ago, spending thousands of hours collecting and organizing the information.

· 1980-2003 – Married to chiropractor, Sam Tocco of Clarkston, Michigan and raised 5 healthy unvaccinated children. Before having their first child 30 years ago, Sam and Mary had the opportunity to research childhood vaccines.  There was enough evidence even back then to convince them not to vaccinate their children. Sam and Mary now have two more chiropractors in the family: daughter, Dr. Renee Tocco graduated from Sherman College in 2006 and daughter Lia Tocco is graduating June 2011 from Sherman Chiropractic College as well.