Hope For Autism

Your child was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum…      Now what?

Autism was first described in the 1930’s but for decades was very rare and misunderstood. Doctors considered it a mental illness.  Almost overnight, Autism has become an epidemic. We now understand that Autism is more than a problem within the brain.  For many individuals, it IS NOT just a psychological or neuro-developmental condition with no hope for improvement or recovery.

The latest research identifies that autism is very complex and involves toxicological, neurological, immunological and gastrointestinal issues.  When these underlying conditions are addressed, children often improve and have better quality of life.

BioNutritional Care® can help discover the underlying contributing factors to your child’s illness.   It is essential for any comprehensive program designed to improve the health and quality of an autistic person’s life.

Basic Overview of BioNutritional Care®  in Respect to Autism:

  • Autism is more than a neuro-developmental condition.  Autism is a neurobiological disorder.
  • Children, teenagers and adults diagnosed on the autism spectrum often suffer with underlying biological conditions.
  • Food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, chronic infections, heavy metal toxicity, immune dysfunction and genetic susceptibility are at the core of their health problems.
  • BioNutritional Care® can help children suffering with any disorder on the autism spectrum, including attention-deficit disorder (ADD), attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other neurodevelopmental problems.
“I do not specifically treat autism. Instead I treat kids who have multiple medical problems, including immune, digestive, and nutritional imbalances, detoxification problems, heavy metal toxicity, food sensitivity issues, etc… THE COMMON DENOMINATOR IS ALL OF THESE KIDS HAPPEN TO HAVE A DIAGNOSIS OF AUTISM.” – Kurt Woeller, D.O., ACAB Board Member