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This board is dedicated to providing world-class BioNutritional Care for the autism community. We commit to staying abreast of all the latest innovative treatment methods for those suffering with autism and related illnesses. Our board is comprised of a diverse group of physicians, experts and advisers who represent the many different facets of recovery. This board oversees Hope for Autism, the first BioNutritional Care training conference ever designed specifically for chiropractors.

Dr. Renee HunterRenee Tocco Hunter, DC

Chiropractic Physician, HFA Doctor, Founder of Heart For Autism

Dr. Tocco Hunter was trained by top clinical researchers at the Autism Research Institute’s “Defeat Autism Now!” conference. She then furthered her studies under Dr. William Shaw of The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. In 2008, she founded the American Chiropractic Autism Board and is the curriculum coordinator for Hope For Autism (HFA), a BioNutritional Care training conference. She received her doctorate of chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. As the daughter of a successful doctor, Sam Tocco, D.C. of Michigan, Dr. Tocco Hunter grew up witnessing the miracles of living with a vitalistic philosophy. Her mother, Mary Tocco, encouraged her to pursue care for autism as Mary has been intricately connected to the autism community for years. She is a national public speaker, consultant and trainer on methods to help children and adults with various conditions and diseases. Her focus is on healthcare issues common among those who suffer from autism spectrum disorder. She promotes a vitalistic healthcare approach and is dedicated to educating the public about non-invasive, natural healthcare.

Mary Tocco 2011_66 4x6 colorMary Tocco

Independent Vaccine Researcher, National Public Speaker

Mary is an international speaker and vaccine educator, empowering people to make informed vaccine decisions. She is the host of, Healing Our World, internet and satellite radio program, every Saturday 4:00-5:00 (EST) Republic Broadcasting Network. Since 1994, Mary is the Director of Vaccine Research and Education for Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines, a watch-dog group responsible for maintaining the philosophical exemption in Michigan. She is also on the board of the World Association of Vaccine Information (W.A.V.E.) a scientific website dedicated to honest vaccine information – .  Mary is co-founder and board member of Heart For Autism, a charitable 501C3, dedicated to raising funds for families who are working to recover their children from autism. In 2006, she produced educational vaccine DVD called, “Are Vaccines Safe?” that has been viewed by over 250,000 people world-wide – .  She has done extensive research into the role vaccines play in our autism crisis.

Tim.CallaghanTim Callaghan, MD, DC

Medical Doctor, Chiropractic Physician, HFA Doctor and Defeat Autism Now! Practitioner

Timothy Joseph Callaghan M.D., D.C., is a biomedical specialist in the field of autistic spectrum disorders, having trained under Allen Lieberman M.D. in Charleston, South Carolina for four years. Dr. Lieberman was a pioneer in the development of integrative and environmental medicine and the biomedical approach to treating autistic spectrum disorders. Dr. Callaghan graduated from Ithaca College with a B.S. in Industrial relations and then went on to obtain a chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. He practiced chiropractic in Princeton, New Jersey and also attended the Tri-State Institute for Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. He then attended Saba University School of Medicine in the Netherlands-Antilles and completed a residency in family medicine at the University of Tennessee.  Over the past five years he has developed a multi-specialty approach to treating both children and adults with chronic disease using nutrition, diets, supplements, herbs, intravenous therapies, chelation, allergy reduction, acupuncture and manipulation. He currently is practicing near Memphis, Tennessee and lectures monthly on anti-aging medicine. He also lectures for Great Plains Laboratory, the premier autistic biomedical testing laboratory. Dr. Callaghan is board certified by the American Academy of Family Medicine and board eligible by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. He is recognized by Autism Research Institute as a specialist in treating autistic children. He is also a member of the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS) and treats patients with Lyme Disease on a regular basis.

Boyd.HaleyBoyd Haley, PhD

Emeritus Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry in the Department of Chemistry -University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center

Dr. Haley received his BS in Chemistry/Physics from Franklin College in 1963. From 1964 to 66 he served as a medic in the U.S. Army. He obtained his M.S. in Chemistry at the University of Idaho (1967) and his Ph.D. in Chemistry/Biochemistry at Washington State University (1971). He was an NIH Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Physiology, Yale University Medical School from 1971 to 1974. His first academic appointment was at the University of Wyoming in 1974 where he was promoted to full professor in 1983. In 1985 he was hired by the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center with academic appointments as professor in the College of Pharmacy and in the Department of Biochemistry. He is currently Emeritus Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry in the Department of Chemistry and served as Chair of this department from 1996 to 2005. He was a founder and is the scientific advisor of ALT Biosciences, Inc., a biotech company that synthesizes and markets to major research institutes nucleotide photoaffinity analogs for biomedical research.  In the past 23 years Dr. Haley has emphasized studies on the biochemistry of Alzheimer’s disease. His research in the biochemical aberrancies in Alzheimer’s disease also lead to his identifying mercury toxicity as a major exacerbating factor, perhaps even a causal factor for this disease. He was one of the first to propose that the organic-mercury preservative (thimerosal) in vaccines was the most likely toxic agent involved in Gulf War Syndrome and autism related disorders. He has followed this up with research that demonstrates that several additional factors (Al3+, certain antibiotics), including testosterone, increase the toxicity of thimerosal. Further, in collaboration with others he has shown using mercury analysis of birth-hair that autistics represent a subset of the population that cannot excrete mercury effectively.

In the past few years Dr. Haley has testified before numerous government agencies at the federal and state levels on the effects of mercury toxicity from dental amalgams and vaccines. This list includes two times before the Congressional Committee on Government Reform, the Pentagon to Surgeon Generals, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences. He has testified before, and supplied affidavits to, numerous legislative committees at the State level that were considering bills to remove thimerosal and mercury from dental and vaccines products. In several situations states have enacted legislation placing restrictions on the use of mercury in dental and vaccine products. In the recent past he has testified before the FDA committee for Review and Analysis of the Literature on the Health Effects of Dental Amalgams and before the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences regarding vaccines and autism.

Dr. Haley has been invited to present lectures on the subject of mercury toxicity and neurological diseases at international conferences in England, Scotland, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, France, Germany, New Zealand, Mexico and Denmark.

Stephen.MariniStephen Marini, PhD, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic, Immunologist

Dr. Stephen Marini was educated in classical science and medicine at Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia where he received a M.S. in Microbiology and Immunology in 1967. Doctoral studies followed at the University of Pennsylvania and Pacific Western University with dissertation research accomplished at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. He received his Ph.D. in Microbiology in 1989. Vitalistic training and professional development occurred at the Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic where he received his D.C. in 1988. As a vitalist trained in classical science and medicine, Dr. Marini appreciates the role of energy/ information on an individuals health and healing process. He incorporates this knowledge and belief into his teaching of psychoneuroimmunology as well as his practice of chiropractic. He currently practices chiropractic in King of Prussia and Northeast Philadelphia and lectures internationally on psychoneuroimmunology and vaccination issues.

Mayer.EisensteinMayer Eisenstein MD, JD, MPH

Holistic Medical Doctor, Attorney

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, medical director of Homefirst® provides a full range of services in family health care in the greater Chicago metropolitan area with four medical centers. Since 1973 the Homefirst doctors have delivered more than 15,000 babies at home, served over 75,000 parents, children and grandparents. They apply the principles of minimal pharmaceuticals to adult medicine with an emphasis on natural substitutes to control chronic illnesses. The Homefirst doctors promote an integrative evidence based approach to managing illness.  Dr. Mayer Eisenstein teaches seminars on natural pharmaceutical alternatives and physician attended natural childbirth in the home. As an attorney, he also lectures on vaccine law. Homefirst also sponsors “The Dr. Mayer Eisenstein Radio Show” heard live coast-to-coast on XM satellite radio channel 170 every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. central time and live in the Chicagoland area on AM1160 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. .

Karen.HubertKaren Hubert, CNHP

Certified Nutrition Counselor

Karen Hubert has been in the nutrition field for over 14 years. Formerly owner of Total Health Coach services and lecturer in churches, schools, support groups and corporate events in the Charleston SC area. Previously Karen suffered from fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and neurological symptoms that mimicked autism. She spent many years in research and recovery which led to her passion for coaching chronic patients and Autism families. Presently Karen is an Autism advocate and is a Physician Liaison for Great Plains Lab. Karen is currently working on a book on her personal illness to wellness experience in hopes to scholarship families who are seeking funding for BioNutritional Care for their autistic children.

David.AyoubDavid Ayoub, MD

Medical Doctor

Dr. Ayoub graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and University of Illinois College of Medicine, completing a residency in Diagnostic Radiology at Southern Illinois University and a fellowship in Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology at University of Iowa. As a vaccine safety researcher, he has lectured on vaccine topics at numerous autism conferences and testifies in state legislative hearings on vaccination. He is coauthor of “Influenza Vaccine in Pregnancy; Critical assessment of the Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices” which was published in 2006 in the American Journal of Physicians and Surgeons. He is currently working on several research projects regarding the safety of mercury and aluminum components of vaccines. Dr. Ayoub is a member of the Society of Cardiovascular and Intervention Radiology, Radiological Society of North America, Society of Nuclear Medicine, American College of Radiology, the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children and the Illinois State Medical Society. He is the father of two children, Oliver and Claire.

Lori.KnowlesLori Knowles

Mother of a child who recovered from autism

Frequent speaker on biomedical interventions to parents and professionals at autism conferences around the world. Over the past five years, she has worked closely with Dr. William Shaw, PhD to create New Beginnings Nutritionals, a cutting edge nutritional supplement company that supports the unique needs of children with autism. She collaborates with physicians, naturopaths, scientists, autism researchers and parents in order to create a diverse product line that parents and physicians can trust. Lori enjoys drawing from both her extensive research, professional and personal experience in recovering her own child to support parents and practitioners seeking answers to improve the lives of children affected with autism.

Kurt.WoellerKurt Woeller, DO

Osteopathic Physician and Defeat Autism Now! clinician

Dr. Kurt Woeller is the medical director for Stillpoint Center for Integrative Medicine in Temecula, CA. Dr. Woeller lectures for and is the Autism Outreach Clinical Director for the Great plains Laboratory, Inc. He serves as a clinical consultant teaching doctors the latest in biomedical diagnostic testing and treatment protocols for children with ASD. He is an osteopathic physician who specializes in traditional osteopathic medicine, cranial osteopathic and integrative medicine with a primary focus on ASD. He graduated in 1995 from the University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine (UNECOM), in Biddeford, Maine. After completing his postgraduate training in 1996 from Mesa General Hospital in Arizona, he returned to San Diego, CA to begin a private practice. Since 1998 Dr. Woeller has been a referral physician for Defeat Autism Now! He is well known for his online informational library,,  dedicated to families affected by autism spectrum disorder.

Sam.ToccoSam Tocco, DC


Dr. Tocco received his Doctorate Degree from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in December of 1980. Dr. Tocco’s mission, as a young graduate of chiropractic, was to become the best he could be in his field. Today, that mission remains strong as he continuously advances to stay atop of his profession and educate the community on true health and wellness. He has been a lifelong resident in the Greater-Detroit area, and has six children. His daughter, Renee, became a chiropractor in 2005. Also, his other daughter, Lia, started practice as a chiropractor in 2011. For 29 years, he has been practicing Chiropractic and providing a great service to the community by restoring health and wellness to thousands of people struggling with every health challenge that one could have. Dr. Tocco lectures on topics such as “Achieving True Natural Health”, the Vitalistic versus the Mechanistic Model of health care, “Raising a Healthy, Drug-free Family”, “Chiropractic Philosophy and Founding”, and “How to save your life – Made Simple”. Dr. Tocco utilizes the latest technology in Digital Motion X-Ray and the highly safe, effective, and precise adjusting system called the ProAdjuster. Despite the ever-increasing decline in health in this country in the last few decades, Dr. Tocco continues to be a part of the solution in guiding his patients to the healthiest resources in the area and educating the community on healing, vitality, and longevity.

Anne.DachelAnne Dachel

Writer, teacher and cartoonist

Anne Dachel is one of the most incredible and active writers about autism, vaccines and the media of our times. She is the mother of two vaccine-damaged children, including a 22 year old son with Asperger’s. Anne has spent the last 8-10 years becoming informed on autism and also the controversial link to vaccines. She monitors autism coverage in the press and writes about it for Age of Autism, the daily online autism news source. She serves as Age of Autism’s media editor. She’s constantly amazed at the way the autism epidemic is covered in the media.

Alan.PhillipsAlan Phillips, JD

Attorney, Specializing in Vaccine Exemption and Waiver Law

Alan Phillips, J.D. of Chapel Hill, NC is one of the nation’s few attorneys practicing vaccine exemption and waiver law. He is published internationally on vaccine health and legal matters; an Advisory Board Member of the American Chiropractic Autism Board and a board member of the World Association for Vaccine Education; a member of the Legal Group with, and co-founder of NC’s Citizens for Healthcare Freedom.  Alan has appeared on radio and television shows in the US and Canada, and presented at regional and international conferences. His clients have included lay people and attorneys from around the country concerning exemptions for schools and colleges (public and private), the military (members, families, civilian contractors), immigrants (including foreign adoption), healthcare employees, homeschoolers, and parents involved in vaccine custody disputes. His e-book, “The Authoritative Guide to Vaccine Legal Exemptions” may be the only publication that provides authoritative, accurate, and detailed information about how state and federal constitutions, statutes, regulations, legal precedent, and individual facts and circumstances combine to form the precise boundaries of an individual’s right to refuse vaccines. His Vaccine Rights website is the only site on the Internet devoted exclusively to vaccine exemptions and waivers.

Alan’s “Dispelling Vaccination Myths” article was published around the world and translated into Russian, Chinese, and several European languages. It has been used in medical school classrooms in 3 different countries, and appears on websites around the world and in publications ranging from an Australian grassroots newsletter to Indian homeopathic journals and the Hindustan Times to European magazines. Recent articles on vaccine legal issues have appeared in the Townsend Letter, The American Chiropractor, and the NC Chiropractic Association’s HealthTrek Magazine.

Alan is also an accomplished singer-songwriter on piano and 12-string acoustic guitar, having received standing ovations for performances at seven international conferences and with tape sales internationally.

Scott.ClackScott Clack, BSc, ND

Doctor of Naturopathy, Defeat Autism Now! practitioner

Scott Clack, BSc, ND graduated in 1997 from Bastyr University, one of the leading schools of naturopathic medicine. In activities with the naturopathic profession, Dr. Clack was a member of the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy, the regulatory board of Naturopathic Medicine in Ontario between 2002 and 2004. He was also selected Naturopathic Doctor of the Year by the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors in 2005. Dr. Clack completed training as a Defeat Autism Now! practitioner in September 2005, May 2008 (Clinician Level 1) and April 2009 (Clinicial Level II). In his private clinic at Touchstone Naturopathic Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, he has treated over 350 ASD children since 2001. His activities in the field of Autism is growing: he consults for the Great Plains Laboratory of Lenexa, Kansas; has authored research papers on GF/CF diets and treatment of bacterial and yeast infections; and has spoken at Autism conferences in Kitchener (2007) and Vancouver (Autism Today, 2009). Dr. Clack is pioneering naturopathic treatments for Autism in Canada without the use of prescription medicines.

Greg.ForsDr. Greg Fors, DC

Chiropractic Physician, Board-certified Neurologist

Dr. Fors is a Board-certified Neurologist (IBCN), certified in Applied Herbal Sciences (NWHSU) and is a biomedical specialist in the field of autistic spectrum disorders. Trained through the Autism Research Institute he is a registered Defeat Autism Now! Doctor. As the clinic director of the Pain and Brain Healing Center in Blaine Minnesota he specializes in a natural biomedical approach to chronic pain and neurological conditions, with a special emphasis on treating children on the spectrum. Dr. Fors is a sought after international lecturer for various post graduate departments and state associations teaching doctors a neurometabolic approach to ASD, ADHD, depression, dementia and chronic pain. He is also an instructor for the International Board of Chiropractic Neurology. Dr. Fors is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “Why We Hurt” and inventor of the FENIX Rehab System, an active therapy devise for chronic myofascial pain. Dr. Fors is a chief science officer for BIOSPEC Nutritionals in charge of the clinician education and product research and development.

Warren.LevinWarren M. Levin, MD, FAAFP (ret), FACN, FAAEM

Dr. Levin is recognized as the “East Coast Dean of Alternative Medicine” —establishing the first alternative and integrative medical practice in New York City (1974). He received his medical degree from the Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Levin has been Board Certified by the following institutions: American Board of Family Physicians (ret), The American Board of Chelation Therapy, The American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology, The American Board of Environmental Medicine, The American Board of Advanced Longevity Medicine, American Board of Environmental Medicine and The American Board of Bariatric Medicine. He is a Fellow of The Academy of Family Practice [ret], a Fellow of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and a Fellow of The American College of Nutrition, Board of Directors of the NoVA Chapter of the NAA [National Autism Association] – Chairman of Biomedical Education.