Autism Recovery Stories

There are millions of Americans, healthcare providers, government officials, teachers  and parents alike, that are unaware or skeptical of the fact  that RECOVERY from AUTISM IS POSSIBLE!

Our great mission is to spread the message of HOPE through education and the personal accounts of parents throughout the nation.

When people realize that autism may not be a permanent condition, they can shift from “Seeing what they believe” to “Believing what they see”.

A wise person once said, “There are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic timeframes.”

May these videos of autism recovery give you hope for your loved one or encourage you to join our mission to spread HOPE.  Click on an image below to view the video.

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If your child is suffering with autism and you would like to consult with a doctor specialized in BioNutritional Care (BNC), please see the BNC Doctor Referral Directory.